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Organic Soap. Natural Candles. Handmade Scrubs, Socially Responsible Coffees. Unique Teas.


Nestled high in the San Juan moutains of Colorado lies Creede. Known for its breath taking beauty, pure water and deep cleansing winter snows. Creede Soap & Candle Company was created to draw upon these natural resources and capture the essence of mountain purity. Our products are made of the finest natural ingredients and our unique scents will evoke and inspire your passion, love and sense of adventure. Enjoy the warm glow of a soy candle while treating your self to a bubble bath or soft fragrant bath salts.

Creede sits at an elevation of 8780 feet and is surrounded by peaks towering to 14,000 feet. The locals know the importance of taking care of ones skin particularly with moisturizers. Our body butters are designed for these harsh conditions imagine how rich they feel at lower elevations.